About Me

Hi, I'm Meghan -

Before I tell you more about myself, let me just say that I've been the person that gets discouraged. I've been the person that gives up. I've been the person that gains and loses and gains some more. I've finally found a way to overcome those obstacles, and I want to pay it forward by helping as many other people take control of their health as I can.

My Story

I'm a stay-at-home mom with two little kids, a husband and a dog. Like a lot of moms I couldn't quite get rid of the baby weight from baby #1, and then I couldn't quite get rid of that baby #2 weight either, and after awhile I just got comfortable with all that extra padding. In October of 2013 I had finally had enough with the way I felt and looked, and decided to do something about it. I started out just watching what I ate and tracking calories, and had some success that way, but after I had lost about 10 pounds I hit a plateau and the scale just wouldn't budge anymore. I was getting frustrated and to be honest I was probably on the verge of giving up when I started to notice the amazing results my friend was getting. Jerinae had started a Beachbody program and was losing weight and looking great, so shortly after she began coaching I started the 21 Day Fix with her.

Suddenly I was beginning to see a transformation in my body that I hadn't had in the past 15 years. My husband started to work out with me, and his changes were phenomenal as well. However, the moment I truly became a believer in Beachbody and their programs was when I ran a 5K after not running for years – and ran my peak marathon training pace without even trying! My fitness level had increased so dramatically after only a few months of 30 minutes/day workouts that I was able to breeze through those 3 miles easily.

Take Control of Your Health

Before trying the Beachbody programs I struggled with the motivation to work out regularly, and I never felt like working out gave me the results I was looking for. Even as I trained for and ran a marathon I never had the muscle tone or definition that I wanted, and time after time I would give up on exercise because of that disappointment. I gained more weight after each of my children was born, and even as I was successfully losing weight on my own I never felt like it changed my body enough to see real results. Because of that I tended to gain back at least some of what I'd lost each time.

All of that changed when I began the 21 Day Fix challenge. The fundamental difference between participating in a Beachbody challenge and working out at the gym or with an off-the-shelf workout dvd is the amazing amount of motivation and accountability that comes from the challenge group you become a part of. Being able to talk with other people who are working towards similar goals, posting when you've absolutely killed a workout (or when you just don't have the urge to push play), sharing tips and healthy recipes – all of this works to help keep you moving forward on your journey.

 Let's Connect!

I became a Beachbody coach because I absolutely believe these programs can be effective – I've seen it work for myself, my husband and friends – and I want to help other people feel the way that I do now. The fitness communities that we have access to through the Beachbody site and through Facebook are so inspiring and motivating that I know if people really get involved and give the programs a chance to work, their bodies and lives will be transformed as well.

I’d love to meet you, so head on over to my Twitter or Facebook page and introduce yourself! Tell me what your health and fitness goals are, what you need in order to get started on achieving them, or just let me know if anything here resonates with you. I’m looking forward to helping you reach your goals – you got this!