Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Transformation Tuesday

It's Transformation Tuesday! Look how I changed in just four months - looking at the pictures now I can't even quite believe it but I did it, and the real changes aren't even visible from the outside. I just got back from a beach vacation and the level of fitness I have right now kind of surprised me - I went for several hour long beach runs and a long bike ride with no real effort or fatigue and that felt GREAT!

I've never put photos like this out in public before, but I'm doing it now because I really believe that Beachbody and Shakeology can change lives and I'm proof of that - in just four months I've lost 13 pounds and almost 11 inches from my body. It took consistent work and some willpower, but with the help and motivation of my fitness community and the effective workouts and eating plans from Beachbody it wasn't as hard as I imagined it might be. I know that this can work for anyone who puts in the time (and hey, 30 minutes is just 2% of your day, and isn't 2% worth spending on your health?).

You can do this! I'd love to help you have this kind of result too - if you'd like to know more, connect with me on Facebook and I'll add you to my (absolutely free) fitness community group where you can see what Beachbody and Shakeology can do for you.

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