Thursday, August 7, 2014

Why I Became a Beachbody Coach

Before trying the Beachbody programs I struggled with the motivation to work out regularly, and I never felt like working out gave me the results I was looking for. Even as I trained for and ran a marathon I never had the muscle tone or definition that I wanted, and time after time I would give up on exercise because of that disappointment. I gained more weight after each of my children was born, and even as I was successfully losing weight on my own I never felt like it changed my body enough to see real results. Because of that I tended to gain back at least some of what I'd lost each time.

All of that changed when a friend from my son's preschool told me about the program she was using to get her amazing results. I joined a clean eating challenge group she was running, and then started 21 Day Fix – and suddenly I was beginning to see a transformation in my body that I hadn't had in the past 15 years. My husband started to work out with me, and his changes were phenomenal as well. However, the moment I truly became a believer in Beachbody and their programs was when I ran a 5K after not running for years – and ran my peak marathon training pace without even trying! My fitness level had increased so dramatically after only a few months of 30 minutes/day workouts that I was able to breeze through those 3 miles easily. Now my goals are to get stronger, more flexible and more toned. I'm using Piyo now and absolutely loving the yoga / pilates combination and how I feel at the end of a workout.

I became a Beachbody coach because I absolutely believe these programs can be effective – I've seen it work for myself, my husband and friends – and I want to help other people feel the way that I do now. The fitness communities that we have access to through the Beachbody site and through Facebook are so inspiring and motivating that I know if people really get involved and give the programs a chance to work, their bodies and lives will be transformed as well.

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