Friday, August 8, 2014

Mandarin Orange Granita {Recipe}

Mandarin oranges are starting to come back into season now, and if you hurry you can make this delicious and super simple frozen treat to enjoy as summer winds down.

There really is no recipe - I'll just walk you through the process.

1. Peel and juice a bunch of mandarin oranges. I used about half of a five pound bag, so like 2.5lbs. It doesn't need to be exact! Collect the juice into a bowl, or if you're like me and don't like to wash any unnecessary dishes, into a baking dish. My little helper (little helpers are always good BTW) juiced the oranges straight into the baking dish we used to freeze the granita. A shallow wide dish will help the juice to freeze more quickly.

2. Stick the dish into the freezer, and let it begin to freeze. Check on it after about 30 minutes - if it is still mostly liquid put it back in for more time, but if it is starting to freeze up then grab a fork and stir it up. Use the fork to scrape and break up any frozen bits and then back into the freezer it goes.

3. After another half an hour check and scrape and stir again - the more often you scrape and stir the finer textured the granita will be (but it's delicious no matter what texture it has).

4. Once the juice is completely frozen, you should have a dish of fine, loose mandarin orange ice crystals - and that's your granita. Spoon it into cups, ramekins or small bowls and serve it immediately - it will begin to melt quickly out of the freezer. If you'd like to make it ahead and serve it later, I'd recommend wrapping it well once it's completely frozen to keep any freezer odors out of it.

This works with any juice, really - if you're using a more tart fruit like lime or lemon I'd add some sugar or other sweetener to cut the acidity, but otherwise just juice and freeze. Yum, can you imagine how good a lemon basil granita would be, or a pear lavender? The possibilities are endless.

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